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Playing With An Underwater Camera

The first time I played with underwater photography was kind of my mistake. You see, I bought one of those underwater disposable cameras because I was going on a canoe trip. I did not really trust them to be adequately sealed, but I figured that it would be some protection in case my camera got splashed. It turns out that it fell in. Fortunately, it was light enough that I was able to retrieve it, and the underwater camera seemed unharmed. Intrigued, I decided to take some underwater pictures. I did not take them there – the river was too murky – but the next day I went off to the ocean and shot some photos of fish.

When i took the underwater camera in to develop the pictures, I was surprised by the quality. It really did look quite good. It was a cheap disposable camera, and the pictures were by no means perfect, but it did motivate me to try more underwater camera photography.

I decided to go all out. I figured that, if I was going to try something new, I might as will use the right equipment. I bought a top-of-the-line underwater digital camera and headed for the beach. I did not know a lot about taking the pictures, and my first forays into underwater photography were sort of misadventures. Nonetheless, I was impressed by how much the underwater camera captured. I could see fish, corals at the bottom, patterns of sunlight and shadow playing on the ocean floor – it was gorgeous. It would automatically adjust to different lighting conditions, guaranteeing that I would always get a pretty good results.

In retrospect I'm glad that I spent all that money on the underwater camera. Most cameras aren't really quite waterproof. They are what is known as water resistant. This means that, over time, droplets will build up on the inside of the lenses and the camera will be ruined. You need really good quality underwater cameras if you plan on taking a lot of pictures. Ideally, it should come with some kind of warranty or guarantee that it won't be damaged by being put in the water. Otherwise, it is not worth the money you pay for it. A few underwater photos aren't worth losing your investment, after all. Still, if you read Consumer Reports and do some research, you should be able to find just the right thing to get the job done. I know I did.

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