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When I was growing up, going to an art gallery opening used to be a big production. My parents were both big art buffs, and they loved going to art galleries downtown. We would always have to dress up, even if it was not a particularly special events. We would put on our good clothes, go check out a photography gallery, or a showing of someone's paintings, and then spend the afternoon wandering among the various shops. It was a lot of fun, but it also seemed to use up a lot of time.

That is why it is nice to be able to access online photography galleries nowadays. There are so many photography gallery sites on the Internet that it can be overwhelming for the newly introduced art buff. There are photo galleries featuring nature photography, cityscapes, portraits, and experimental photography as well. There are even online photography schools, showing you how to become a photographer.

One of my good friends took an online photography class last semester, and he loved it. It really pushed the frontiers of digital technology. Taking photographs used to be a very hands-on sort of occupation. You really needed a lot of equipment to process each photograph individually. Nowadays, however, people can take the pictures on their own, send them in to the professor to be graded, and get back results within minutes. You can probably do a whole photography school online without ever once meeting you profess a face-to-face!

Although I like to browse photography gallery websites, I also use the Internet to find local gallery openings. A lot of photographers are very particular about how their works are displayed, mounted, and reproduced. They refuse to put their digital photographs online, preferring instead to have gallery openings in town. Though many professional photographers do have a web presence. You can even find the work of national Geographic photographers online. Although it is nice to be able to browse art galleries from the comfort of your own home, it is still exciting to go to gallery openings now and then. There are so many interesting people there, and there is a sense of excitement in the air. Best of all, they really give you a chance to meet the artists face to face – something that you can not do over the Internet. It is nice to be able to look at all the pictures on your computer, but sometimes a well mounted, well displayed photograph does have more to it than a simple image displayed on your computer screen. For those times, it is a great luxury to be able to go to a photography gallery.

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