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The Interest in Sports Pictures

Some of my friends make fun of me for all of the sports pictures on my wall. I am not the only sports fan in my circle of friends, but I am the only one who uses sports photos as a primary motif in my decorative scheme. We all wear lots of sports apparel, and we all have different favorite teams. I have a Cubs baseball cap, while my best friend Bill is a big fan of the 76ers. I am the only one, however, who has a sports photo on practically every wall, and I constantly find myself having to explain why.

The interesting thing about my sports pictures is that they are not necessarily photos of my favorite athletes. A lot of the sports pictures I have, in fact, are images of people I do not particularly care about. I like them as artistic photography, not as a sign of my fandom. The great thing about sports images is that they show people at their finest. When people are involved in sports, they are putting everything that they have into winning their game. A sports picture can really capture the way that someone looks in a moment of glory. The sports pictures, you see, are there to provide me with inspiration.

Although I am relatively successful in life right now, I have not always been. Only a few years ago, in fact, I was kind of a bum. I was working for little more than minimum wage in a dead-end job despite an extensive college education. To rally myself and work towards the position that I now occupy took everything that I had. Although I wasn't initially inspired by sports pictures, they do capture the spirit of inspiration that brought me back from a life of mediocrity. I fell in love with the feeling of straining every nerve, desperately striving to achieve all of my goals. That is what the sports pictures mean to me.

I suppose that looking at pictures sports is somewhat like watching war movies in some ways. There is the desperate and all important struggle against the enemy, and the everyday heroism. Unlike war, however, sports rarely kills. Ideally, sports is done as a contest of goodwill between two outstanding competitors. This is why I like sports pictures more than war photographs. Sports represents the best in human nature, while war represents the worst.

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