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Hidden Cameras - Uses and abuses

It used to be that there would always be fair warning if there was a camera somewhere, and even then, they were few and far between. They were often in larger, more populated areas, but today, they are popping up everywhere. Most of the time these are hidden cameras, which means that you have no idea they are there. Sometimes they are easy to spot, and other times you may have no idea. Most of them are legal, at least in retail areas, but there are time when they have no business being used at all.

If you want to have hidden cameras in your home, this is your right. However, some think that if they are being filmed in your home, they have a right to know. Most have these hidden cameras for two reasons. One reason is for home security. These cameras may record all of the time, or they may just start recording if the alarm system triggers them. These can be very useful in the identification of someone who may enter your home without your permission.

Other hidden cameras used in homes are called nanny cams. These are something that parents use when they want to know that their children are being treated well when left in the hands of babysitters. Some sitters have a fit about these, but if they have nothing to hide, there really is nothing they should worry about. Some parents will tell that they have the hidden cameras, but they won’t say where they are. Others won’t say anything, and may only check the tapes when a new sitter starts, or when something does not feel right.

The hidden cameras in retail establishments are often to catch and identify those who might be shoplifting or may rob the store. They are also there to keep an eye on employees so that they can catch them if they are doing something wrong. Many stores have numerous hidden cameras, and if you look around, you may be able to figure out where they are. Though they are allowed to do this, they should never be in a dressing room or a bathroom. If you find one there, leave as fast as you can, and then report the company. They may have a right to protect their property, but they do not have a right to film you when you are in any state of undress or using the restroom.

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