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How to Choose a Digital Camera

My husband and I always seem to be a few years behind when it comes to purchasing electronic equipment. I think we were one of the last households to purchase a VCR. We still do not have a DVD player. We finally bought a CD player last year, and only recently have delved into the computer market. The one advantage about being behind the times is that by time we decide to purchase the equipment it has gone down significantly in price.

Now that we have bought our home computer and copier we have decided to purchase a digital camera. We went out looking and could not believe the number of models that are available. We do not know where to begin to know how to choose a digital camera that will meet our needs. We made the mistake of starting in a camera shop. The older gentleman that waited on us was quite arrogant. I always think it is funny when you go into specialty stores to spend money and are treated like you are not worthy of the clerks time. After all they are working on a Sunday afternoon while we are able to go out shopping, I don’t get it. Anyway we asked this man how to choose a digital camera. He went into a long discussion about what we would be taking pictures of and then started in with a great deal of technical jargon. We left the store with no camera and even more confused than we went in.

We decided that we would talk to people that we know that own cameras and see what features they have. We went to a super discount store to pick up toiletries and other items that we needed for the house. While we were there we noticed the display for digital cameras. We were looking at the number of brands that were there. A clerk asked if they could help us. We explained that we did not know how to choose a digital camera and were getting intimidated by our lack of knowledge. He agreed that there are many different features on them, but in reality there are only a few things that you really need to look for. He explained about the different features and the zoom lens. It was interesting to find out that on a digital camera the zoom makes the picture bigger rather than making the subject matter appear closer. He did a great deal of pointing and adjusting with the different cameras so we could see the differences between the cameras. We liked on camera that seemed like it would meet all of our needs. He told us if we were not in a hurry to have the camera we could probably save fifty to one hundred dollars by waiting a couple of months because that model would be going down in price. We were very appreciative of the informative way he helped us learn about digital cameras.

Never Pay Retail Price Again

Never Pay Retail Again!